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                   2023 REGISTRATION FORM

          Sheet Music & Youtube videos for Chamber Strings and
                        Cello Focus please scroll down



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Have a Listen to the Orchestra music we will play in July! 

 SCORES & Parts

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Grieg:  Holberg Suite (Selected Movements:  Sarabande (II), Gavotte/Musette (III) and Rigadoon (V)(Omit movements I and IV)

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A Million Dreams (B.Paser and J. Paul)  SCORE and PARTS here! 
A Million Dreams:  Viola part for a cellist to play 

 Orchestra: Holberg parts to print

Holberg: Vln1
Holberg:Vln 2
Holberg: Viola 
Holberg: Cello

(Holberg:  Play  3 mvts II,III, and V ONLY) 

NOTE:  the Chamber Strings small Chamber Group music will be E-MAILED once registration is complete and groups are formed 


Have a listen to the 2 pieces with which we will deepen our with vibrato technique in June

        Cello Focus parts to print

Serenade VC1
Prayer: cello 2
Serenade VC2
Prayer: cello 3
Serenade VC3
Prayer: cello 4
Serenade VC4
Serenade score
Prayer of Being SCORE
         Cello 1 part is not available
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