2022: Registration Form and Audition Application here
           For Orchestra music & You tube videos (scroll down)  


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SOLOIST AUDITION APPLICATION          for Chamber Strings

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Have a Listen to the Orchestra music we will play in July! 


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Sibelius: Impromptu no. 5 SCORE
Vivaldi La Follia SCORE. NOTE:  Omit movements 7,8,10,11,15 & 17

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Telemann Viola Concerto ENTIRE SCORE. print only movement 4 (Presto) 85-90 to half note (cut time)

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        Orchestra parts to print

Impromptu: Vln1
Impromptu:  Vln 2
Impromptu Viola 
Impromptu:  Cello                  Bass
                                        Telemann:  (MVT 4 ONLY)
                   All Parts: V1, V2, Viola, Cello/bass and Viola Soloist
Vivaldi: La Follia Parts (Skip movements: 7,8,10,11,15,& 17)
Violin 1                violin 2              viola                     cello                 bass            harpsicord

Small Chamber Group music will be sent via email once registration is complete! 

Master class with Amy Zanrosso at Chamber Strings 2017