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Josephine van Lier  CELLO FOCUS 2022

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                                  June 9-11, 2023


                             "GOOD VIBRATIONS"


Director and Cellist, Jeff Faragher is pleased to announce that he will be joined by Calgary Cellist and teacher Michael van der Sloot for Cello Focus 2023.  MIchael participated in Cello Focus 2019 and we are very excited to have him join us again this year! 

Refine your playing with that iconic cello sound. The key ingredient to a truly warm and rich cello sound is a fully integrated vibrato. Spend a weekend building a solid understanding and foundation for a sustainable and effective vibrato that will enrich your sound. Join cellists Jeff Faragher and Michael van der Sloot in this 3 day intensive workshop where you will learn about the mechanics, theory and practice of a professional tool that you can develop for the rest of your musical life. The course will include instruction, practice and implementation in repertoire that will ensure the solid understanding of the techniques. This weekend will benefit those new to applying vibrato as well as those who are looking to enhance their vibrato. 


We will be working with 2 relatively easy pieces :  Prayer of Being (Hayes) and Serenade (Goltermann) so students can focus primarily on applying vibrato techniques.  For sheet music, See Registration page.  Once you register your part will be assigned.  



Sessions will be arranged according to levels of experience so that each cellist will have their own needs addressed.  Together Jeff & Michael will guide the participants through an enjoyable and enriching cello journey.  

We encourage all cellists within the early to late Intermediate levels.  Adults and youth ages 13+


      Register for Chamber Strings and get 10% discount off Cello              Focus tuition. 








            Tentative Schedule 
Friday:   4 - 7:30
Saturday:  10-4:30
Saturday evening Faculty Concert (7:30)
Sunday:  10-1


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Community is welcome to attend the inspiring                 concert by Faculty on July 11, 2023

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July 10-14, 2023

This intensive week long program is for String players wanting to enrich your music studies while playing w/other enthusiastic students of Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.

Participants will be assigned to a small string ensemble as well as playing in a larger Orchestra. Chamber groups will be formed in

advance to match skill levels based or application.


Included in this stimulating camp package are daily rehearsals & sectionals w/ coaching, a private lesson, fabulous faculty performance,

evening fiddle clinic, and celebrate with final student concert. 

    Intermediate to Advanced Students Adult (13+

       Recommended RCM grade 6 or Equivalent








FACULTY include Cellists Jeff Faragher and Olivia Walsh with Cvetozar Vutev (violin & viola) and Martine den Bok  (violin and viola) . We are joined also joined Brie Hurlbert (Fiddle). 


Our Faculty consist of professional musicians and excellent quality instructors of their instruments.  They will all work closely with our students daily during the Chamber Strings week offering small ensemble coaching, orchestral conducting, warm-ups, sectionals, and private lessons  (one 45' lesson per registrant)

                                     ADVANCE PREPARATION 


It is essential that  all participants make the time before arriving at camp on Monday to learn your parts. If your part is either too challenging or way too easy please contact Sue once the music is sent out. Sometimes easier parts can give you an opportunity to master the music and spend time at camp refining the elements of ensemble playing.  The goal of the coaching in ensembles is to focus on playing as an ensemble so it is important to know your part well. Time will be available during the week for further practice individually as well as with your small ensembles. Each afternoon after ensemble coaching with a faculty member, it is strongly suggested that you commit to spending some additional time with your ensemble once the structured activities are done for the day.  When Lessons are happening ensembles can practice with players who are available with good success and interesting learning on how parts fit together.


Click link here to go to Registration page to sign up and or to view the sheet music for the Orchestra.  See videos below of the music we will be playing.  (Note: Only mvts 2,3 and 5 for Holberg).  Specific parts will be assigned by May 26th (the latest).  Parts for small ensembles will be assigned and announced by May 26th. 

                              FINAL SCHEDULE (TBA)


In a nutshell the daily Schedule includes morning orchestra (1.5 hr) and sectionals (30 min).  Afternoon schedule includes smaller chamber groups (1.5 hr) lessons and lots of additional practice time alone or with your ensembles.  There is a wonderful Faculty concert and a Fiddle Fun night and we end the week with the final student concert on Friday afternoon.   


Luthier- Ross Hill from AEOLIAN STRINGS in Calgary will be on site during the chamber week and available for re-hairings, minor   repairs, retail sales of instruments, bows, strings, and other           accessories.  



           CAMP LOCATION

                    NELSON CONVENANT CHURCH 

                        702 Stanley St.  Nelson, BC

There are SEVERAL coaching, rehearsal, and practice spaces for students to enjoy all day and all week!  Space will be available for practice from 8 am to 5pm. Arrangements can be made for earlier or later hours.  

Having a blast at FIDDLE FUN led by Fiddler, Brie Hurlbert at Gyro Park!   







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