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NEW: Early Bird deadlines are no longer in effect although early bird rates are!

CHAMBER STRINGS: $360 Deadline May 21, 2021

CELLO FOCUS: $185 Deadline May 28, 2021

AUDITION RECORDING: Free Deadline May 28, 2021


(Chamber Strings and Cello Focus) : $527 Deadline May 21, 2021

REFUND POLICY: full refunds will be given if camps need to be cancelled. If you cancel before deadlines you will receive a refund for tuition minus $25 (processing fee). If you cancel after deadlines there is no refund unless an emergency OR Covid-19 situation is the reason in which case you will receive credit for 2022.

Registrations are slowly coming in and it would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL to let Sue Mistretta (administrator) know by registering early or sending her an email indicating your thoughts and intentions on registration this year. Thanks

Mountainside Chamber Music programs are eager and optimistic to proceed with the 2021 summer programs. Cello focus in June(11-13) and Chamber Strings in July (12-16). Although things are quite restricted currently, we are optimistic that the situation will improve once more people start getting vaccinated and cases go down, people will be more eager to participate and want to play music together again! We are prepared to make modifications and adaptations to comply with Government guidelines.


In order to assure our participants are experiencing our camp as a safe and enriching environment, we will be adhering to the Covid -19 Government Guidelines that will be in place during the time frame that the camps are running and we are implementing the following MODIFICATIONS:

1. We are Limiting our Program Registration. CELLO FOCUS will have a maximum of 13 people (11 registrants and 2 instructors). CHAMBER STRINGS will have a maximum of 20 participants (4 instructors and 16 registrants). Due to our decision to limit the amount of people in the program, we will unfortunately be cancelling MINI MOUNTAINSIDE for Kids this summer. And there will not be space for auditors in Cello Focus.

2. We will utilize LARGE SPACES and be mindful of physical distancing and some of the venues may change and with options of outdoor sessions. Seating will be spaced accordingly.

3. MASKS/FACE COVERINGS will be followed according to the Covid-19 Government Mandates that are in place at the time of the programs.

4. CONCERTS: Depending upon the current Covid-19 Government guidelines in place at the time of each program will determine the size and location of the concerts (faculty and final Chamber Strings). Restricted audience sizes will be in place and possibly outdoor performances will be in order. We have secured a new venue for Cello Focus Sunday program this year and will not be using the Mountain Lakes Senior Home this summer.


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