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Mountainside Update

Mountainside Chamber Music wants to connect with you during this very challenging time to share an update.

Our 3 summer programs CELLO FOCUS (June 12-14, 2020), CHAMBER STRINGS (July 13-17, 2020) STRINGS FOR KIDS (July 13-17) are still scheduled to run at this point in time.

Although these times in the world are quite uncertain, we have 11 weeks until Cello Focus is scheduled and 15 weeks before Chamber Strings and Kids Strings.

We are being hopefully optimistic that the curve will flatten and the social distancing will come to an end so we may all once again enjoy playing music together!

If by chance, the current situation is still in effect at that time, EVERYONE WILL GET A FULL REFUND.

We are aware that many people might be worried about their financial situation, so we are suggesting that you send in your registration (or email ) and IF NECESSARY I WILL HOLD YOUR CHEQUE if you specifically request.

It is important for us to obtain a clear picture of the registration by encouraging you to feel confident to GO AHEAD AND REGISTER AT THIS TIME.

If you have any further questions, please inquire via email to Sue or 250-777-1704.

Take good Care, stay Healthy, and remain Calm, Sue & Jeff

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