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THE ART OF BOWING: Cello Focus program for our 5th Annual Mountainside Chamber Music summer season.

Cellists, Jeff Faragher and Morag Northey

Our CELLO FOCUS program this year features Cellists Jeff Faragher and Morag Northey for 12 hours of instruction and practice of bowing techniques encountered in cello repertoire. Understand the essentials for articulation, good tone and creative expression. Starting with the building blocks of a solid and flexible bow hold we will learn to master legato, staccato, spicatto & other techniques with a historical perspective of the evolution of the bow. Gain a deeper understanding of bow weight, angle and position, and string crossings with plenty of practice through music selections ranging from exercises to cello group pieces which will be provided in advance. Sessions are arranged according to skill levels enabling each cellist to have their own needs addressed. Jeff & Morag will guide you through an enjoyable & enriching cello journey. For adults & youth (13+) at beginner/intermediate to intermediate/advanced skill level. Enjoy an inspiring concert by Jeff & Morag on Saturday, June 23! Audits welcome! VISIT

Get a discount on Cello Focus when you also register for Chamber Strings (July 9-13)!

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