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Phase 3 safety plan

We will be observing the phase 3 guidelines for the camp. This plan is modeled after a BC work safe plan. Below is the basic plan which will be elaborated on in orientation on Monday Morning.

1. 50 people or 50% capacity. We may reach this limit at the faculty concert on Tuesday evening, otherwise our numbers for gathering as ensemble meet the criteria for safety.

2. We will be continuing with the 6 foot physical distancing between one another especially when indoors.

3. We will observe certain flow of traffic patterns within the building which we will review in orientation on Monday.

4. We will be mindful of washing hands often and wiping down surfaces. There will be spray bottles of sanitizer available at different sites.

5. Masks are now optional for phase 3. If we are following the physical distancing it should not be an issue. That being said, it is important that we all feel safe and comfortable so we will review info about mask usage and be following a basic protocol below:

A. In general masks are worn by us to protect others, they do not protect the wearer unless you have a special mask with 2 way protection or a N95 mask which is worn by construction workers.

B. They will be optional at the camp. For those who still feel the need for more protection, we will have N95 masks available. Please let Sue know if you would like one.

C. We will have daily health check-in each morning. There will also be a waiver to sign for you to accept personal liability. If someone is feeling sick, depending on the symptoms, we may ask you to wear a mask or unfortunately (and hopefully not) leave the camp site for the day.

6. We will ask you the following questions each day you will have to sign off.

A. Do you have any of the following symptoms (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, loss of sense of smell and taste, nausea and vomiting etc)?

B. Have you been in contact with anyone who you know has diagnosed with Covid 19?

C. Have you been out of the country or been asked to be in a quarantine in the past 2 weeks?

D. Have you been around anyone in quarantine in past 2 weeks?


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