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REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2015 IS UPON US (Deadline is 9/24/15)

Hi everyone,

We are gearing up for our Fall semester of ensembles. Below is some information about the programs which is essentially all the same but may need some tweaking around honing in specific times on Tues and Wed. Nothing very different from last year. The tuition is basically the same as well but need to get those details from Jeff very soon. Let me know if you are planning on joining us again this Fall and I look forward to playing with you. Thanks, Sue


NELSON sessions are held at Cedar Hall in Nelson (6 mile) on every TUESDAY and runs Sept 29 – Dec 8th

*Cello Ensembles: afternoon or evening (before or after orchestra)TBA

*Orchestra: (5-6:30 or 5:30-7) TBA

SLOCAN VALLEY (SV) sessions will be held in Hills on alternating WEDNESDAYS and runs Sept 30 – Dec 9th.

*Cello ensemble: 5:30-7pm

*Orchestra (3:30-5:30) TBA

The String orchestra in both locations (Nelson and SV) will learn and play the same repertoire, participants are invited to attend coaching sessions at one or both locations as part of tuition, additionally, once per month on a weekend, Jeff will host 3 hour sessions held in the Nelson studio for the entire orchestra from both locations to play together. Attendance to weekend sessions are optional but strongly encouraged- and they are fun! There will be Final performances at the end of the semester in both SV and Nelson.

*Exact times can be tweaked and arranged according to needs of if you are interested, please contact Sue (administrator) ASAP at or 250-777-1704.

We invite string players to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to study under the tutelage of Conductor and Artistic Director for the Symphony of the Kootenays, Jeff faragher.

TO REGISTER (and for tuition information) PLEASE CONTACT SUE at 250-777-1704 or e-mail Visit

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